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You get the feeling you are in a big metropolis with what the city has to offer, but you can also decide to take a vacation just in your back yard on Aventura, only 5 minutes away by car. Purchasing real estate can be difficult ; Especially in Aventura with so many residential building initiatives taking place, there are certain to be good and unhealthy investments. Aventura has a little bit for everybody.

The final result is a modern new residential Aventura luxury condominium complex called Coronado. This neighborhood is alive with rich culture and all the Florida sunshine you can take, which anyone young in body and spirit with make Aventura their own. We are just a few of Aventura’s features to explore. To the north, an endless look at the city, to the south, a look at the Bay that you’ll get to see everyday. From the possibility of a vacation getaway to someone who’s looking for South Beach to be their new home, Aventura remains one of the finest places in the world. Coronado Aventura provides concierge service and parking. Coronado is an condominium located on 20335 W Country Club Dr, Aventura, FL 33180 Aventura Florida.


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Located in the northeastern part of Miami, Aventura is a suburb of Miami. This is a planned and highly organized city that became official in 1995. This place got its name from its original developer who said “What an adventure this is going to be” while planning the city. The word Aventura is the Spanish name for Adventure. As the name suggests, this place abounds in adventure activities.

People who are looking for a warm climate to live in, Aventura is the best place to buy a home. When it comes to luxury condos in Miami Florida, Coronado Condos and Apartments are the perfect choices for the discerning customers. The developments of high-class condominiums have put this city on the world map. In Miami, Aventura is one of the newest cities with luxury real estate and it has something to offer to everyone.

The Coronado Condos and Apartments including other popular housing apartments are just a drive away from the Miami Airport. Whether you want a beach facing home or a house located in the heart of downtown, Aventura housing societies are the best options to choose. A trusted dealer can help you choose the best condos in this area. For the residents here, the Aventura Mall offers easy shopping facilities.

The Coronado Condos and Apartments in Miami South Florida are very impressive. This beautiful city has breathtaking scenic views. There are a number of prominent housing properties in Aventura, Miami, Florida that offer luxurious condos at very competitive prices. Miami, South Florida offers the clients their dream home.

If you are interested in a beautiful property to live in Aventura, Miami then you should start looking for it now. In this area, you will find a number of property options to invest but always keep in mind to invest in a property that fulfils all your requirements within your budget. To contact a reputable realtor, visit here you will be able to find experienced professionals with award-winning achievements and background in real estate investment.


Coronado Condominiums

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